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Raised pavement markers (RPMs) are durable, highly reflective markers used for longitudinal lines and gore markings on new and existing asphalt or concrete road surfaces. 3M RPMs are made with 3M™ Diamond Grade™ prismatic optics for maximum reflectivity, are lightweight and impact resistant and available for both sun country and snowplow regions.

Product Information

3M™ Raised Pavement Markers Series 290

Series 290 markers are durable, lightweight thermoplastic markers that provide highly effective, long-life visibility, particularly at night and in wet weather.

Markers can be applied to asphalt and concrete road surfaces in non-snowplow regions. The markers are impact resistant and increase awareness with an added rumble effect. Apply series 290 markers with 3M™ Bitumen Adhesive BT-69. Markers are supplied 100 per carton.

Raised Pavement Marker

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