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ORAFOL has introduced more and more environmentally friendly films over the past number of years. That trend is here to stay!


The newest kid on the block is ORAJET 3981RA PVC-free digital car wrapping film coupled with PVC-free laminating film ORAGUARD 289F.


The new ORAJET film is available with a glossy finish. Its RapidAir technology makes application easy, quick and hassle free. It has excellent printing properties foor inkjet printing using solvent based inks, UV- or Latex inks.




ORAJET® 3981RA Premium Eco Digital Print is the environmentally friendly alternative when it comes to car wrapping.

  • Premium PVC-free and plasticiser-free high performance polymer film

  • Glossy surface

  • RapidAir® technology for easy and hassle free application

  • For long term applications as full wraps onto vehicles

  • Inkjet printing with solvent based inks or UV- or Latex inks

  • Recommended Laminating Film: ORAGUARD® 289F – also PVC-free and plasticiser-free

ORAJET 3981RA PVC-free Premium Eco Digital Print


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